The Role of Intelligent Automation in Enhancing Customer Experience and Services

In today’s digitally evolving world, customers are being offered a plethora of products and services by various providers. In such an enormous and competitive market, your enterprise needs to gain an edge over other providers to grab your potential customers’ attention. Enhancing customer experience (CX) with Intelligent automation (IA) can help your company gain this competitive edge and stand out from the rest. According to Gartner, in order to cope with the avalanche of digital data and services, organizations as well as customers will increasingly turn to automation in the future.

Furthermore, to build a great customer experience strategy, companies need to focus not only on customer acquisition, but also on customer satisfaction and loyalty. In 2018 a Gartner survey stated that 66% of marketers say that CX is the “new marketing battlefront”. Despite this Gartner noticed that over 70% of CX leaders still struggle to design projects that increase customer loyalty and achieve results.

IA is possible thanks to Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) solutions that harness both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). They enable the automation of processing unstructured content as well as end-to-end process automation also known as hyperautomation. These capabilities play a significant role in enhancing customer experience and streamlining customer services.

How IA Enhances Customer Experience

  • Provide Omnichannel Customer Support

According to a study, 73% of surveyed people point to CX as an important factor in converting potential prospects to buyers. With ever-growing users of social media platforms, 86% of consumers expect you to provide services across various channels. Building an omnichannel presence will enable you to meet these requirements.

You’ll be able to eliminate tedious processes where customers have to send mails, fill forms and your team follow up the same information via customer service calls. An omnichannel presence, powered by IA tools, will allow your enterprise to record and update all customer requests and queries from different channels in real time. This will enable your customer agents to go through all complaints easily, rather than having to scan through various platforms.

  • Quicker Query Resolution

Longer wait-time and response-time can cause customer dissatisfaction, urging them to explore other companies that provide faster query resolution.

With companies now having to run services over multiple channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc., customer service becomes tedious and complicated, resulting in longer response time. To deal with this issue, you can deploy an IA chatbot that works 24×7 to provide faster resolutions to clients. In a survey 90% of businesses improved query resolution speed by deploying intelligent chatbots.

Implementing IA for swifter query resolution will help ensure a loyal and satisfied customer base for your company. It also allows your customer agents to focus on more pressing issues at hand.

  • Enable Customer Self-Service

Self-service is becoming the norm in most enterprises as it provides a seamless customer experience. According to a 2015 survey, 90% of consumers expect organizations to offer a self-service customer support portal. Self-service tools alongside chatbots can help provide your customers with relevant information, allowing them to resolve issues on their own. This helps deflect about 30%-50% of the load that customer agents have to handle.

How IA Improves Customer Services

  • Ease the Burden on Customer Support Teams

With increased cloud platforms and data, customers and organizations are generating over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data on a daily basis. This means gigantic amounts of data for customer agents to deal with. It is impossible for employees to manually scan through such vast quantities of data. IA is invaluable in such situations.

By automating end-to-end processes like client onboarding, service performance, invoicing etc., customer management can be streamlined, as the processing of large volumes of unstructured content is automated. This greatly eases the burden on customer support teams so they can function more efficiently.

  • Personalize Customer Service

IA tools can extract relevant customer behavior data and study it to analyze customer preferences. This enables you to provide personalized services to your clients.

This data is vital to understand your customers’ future interests and preferences. It facilitates personalized suggestions based on these interests and preferences.  and lets you suggest the same to them way ahead of time. IA tools can also gather relevant information from customer feedback and provide actionable insights to your managers, who can make data-driven decisions for better outcomes. IA tools can help enhance your existing customer services as well as provide pivotal insights for your enterprise to excel. This will boost customer service quality and improve the overall customer experience.

To build strong, long-term relationships with your customers it is crucial for your company to provide an unrivalled customer experience. Harnessing technology such as Intelligent Automation is often a game-changer for customer experience and customer services.

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