How Intelligent Automation Enables Humans to Focus on Higher Value Tasks

Intelligent Automation (IA) thanks to Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) solutions is transforming operations across a range of industries. Digital workers are perfectly geared to automate highly-repetitive, data-intensive tasks that are all too common across myriad businesses. This entails filling forms, extracting relevant data from emails, documents and chats, moving files and so on.

According to research, over 30% of enterprises surveyed are already investing more than $50M in Intelligent Automation (IA) technologies. This is due to IA’s ability to liberate human employees from tedious yet crucial tasks so they can focus on higher-value tasks that are better suited to human creativity and intellect. Furthermore, processes can also be automated from end-to-end – this is also known as hyperautomation, with a human in the loop if required.

Let’s take a closer look at how IA and hyperautomation gran t human team members more time to focus on higher value tasks.

Tackle Unstructured Content and Repetitive Tasks

Unstructured content is a ubiquitous challenge across industries with over 90% of businesses finding it difficult to process unstructured content. According to recent research, the volume of unstructured data is set to grow from 33 zettabytes in 2018 to 175 zettabytes, or 175 billion terabytes, by 2025. The nature of unstructured content makes it challenging for your human workforce to extract relevant data manually. However, the advent of IPA solutions with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities, makes it possible for businesses to automate data-intensive tasks with unstructured content, sans human intervention.

Additionally, repetitive, data-intensive tasks are very tedious on human workers. This kind of drudgery also lends itself to a higher likelihood of manual errors that affect accuracy and downstream processes. The AI component of an IPA solution makes it easy to automate such data-intensive tasks as it can handle unstructured content with human-like intelligence. This is thanks to IPA’s cognitive automation abilities such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML).

Intelligent email response, customer service responses via intelligent email or chat with smart bots, and various other use cases that involve unstructured content can be automated for greater efficiency, accuracy and scalability. This liberates human workers from spending a large number of work hours on repetitive tasks that require little intellect, subsequently allowing them to focus on their skills on higher-value and strategic activities.

Accelerates Turnaround Time

Regardless of industry, leveraging IPA solutions often leads to an exponential improvement in turnaround time and efficiency. For instance, processing legal documents can be reduced to under half an hour instead of taking a whole day or longer of manual effort. This saves time and also saves man hours so human workers have more time to focus on more strategic tasks.

Other general use cases of IA are documenting client details, invoice generation, lease abstraction, insurance document processing and quote processing, etc. Substituting a digital workforce for such mundane and data-intensive tasks allows your human workforce to be re-assigned to more useful and strategic engagements.

An insurance firm estimated that they save 20-40 hours a day thanks to Intelligent Automation. Digital workers take seconds or minutes to complete tasks that would have taken human workers far longer. This enables maximizing value of your human workers along with faster turnaround time.

Boost Employee Satisfaction

Repetitive, data-intensive processes are the ideal candidates hyperautomation through IPA solutions. Such processes are common across numerous industries – manufacturing, hospitality management, IT services, healthcare, logistics, BFSI, shared services and finance. This means that the doors are wide open to every industry to take advantage of this disruptive technology.

Companies that have deployed IPA solutions to automate such use cases have observed a spike in efficiency as well as a significant rise in employee satisfaction. This is due to the fact that when digital workers supplement humans, employees have fewer tasks to focus on. This allows humans to work like humans rather than robots that work on mind-numbing and tedious tasks.

In a survey, 69% of workers said their productivity increased substantially by using Intelligent Automation technologies. Another 40% reported saving at least 6 hours per week. Taking over of repetitive tasks by your digital workforce lets your human employees engage with your customers more efficiently. Additionally, allowing them to shift their focus on strengthening business and customer relationships.

Intelligent automation is here to stay and as this disruptive technology evolves, bot-as-a-service will likely be the new normal. It is therefore imperative for modern enterprises to harness Intelligent Automation for feasible use cases. However, while considering strategies for enterprise-wide adoption of IA evaluate how your human workers will benefit from being supplemented by digital workers. This synergy can provide a strong foundation for robust operations and long-term success.

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