Tackle the Post-Pandemic Business ‘New Normal’ with the Power of Intelligent Automation

As the world recovers from the disruption caused by COVID-19, it is also slowly being ushered into a brand-new reality of things, the “New Normal”. This new normal is affects our lifestyles and also businesses and how work is carried out. The pandemic has served as a catalyst to an enhanced, or as some might even say, revolutionized way of business processing by harnessing intelligent automation.

The disruptive technology of Intelligent automation is playing a pivotal role in helping modern enterprises manage and minimize business disruptions. Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) solutions which comprise Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are proving critical in the new normal. With workforces shifting to work remotely, digital transformation has been one of the top priorities for many businesses. During these testing times, IPA solutions helped businesses to establish more robust processes to sustain operations in the face of a crisis or unforeseen business upheaval. In addition, IPA enhances the quality, speed, operational efficiency and productivity of a wide range of processes, providing tremendous ROI.

This shift to intelligent automation is not a passing trend, but a fundamental shift that is going to be important for businesses in the foreseeable future. According to a survey a majority of 84% of industries plan on accelerating their automation initiatives and 48% of organizations will increase their investment in IPA by 5% or more, in 2021.

 The IPA market worth billions of US dollars and predictions estimate it will reach $ 13.75 billion by 2023, which indicates tremendous growth and expansion as adoption of this technology rises.

How IPA Serves Your Business in the ‘New Normal’

In the past intelligent automation was primarily a tool to cut operation costs and streamline business operations. However, IPA is still evolving and it is proving critical for businesses as they face the new normal.  Companies that have a strategy in place for intelligent automation will be better equipped to operate efficiently with more robust operations, while mitigating the costs arising from the pandemic.

  • Enhances the Effectiveness of Remote Teams

As the majority of employees still continue to work remotely post-pandemic, IPA helps your management to enhance this work-form-home experience for your employees.

IPA enables a seamless work operation for employees and managers, while facilitating accelerated, connected operations. IPA also enables automation of task updates, schedule reminder, deadline notification, meetings links, etc. It’s easier to provide remote teams with the tools and technology they need to function effectively. Furthermore, this technology can automate generation of incident response tickets by employees working from home, letting managers resolve issues faster. This helps streamline workflows for remote employees while allowing flexibility at work, resulting in higher productivity.

  • Establishes Robust Operations

As the world witnessed the chaos brought about by COVID-19, it’s fair to say that majority of the industries are ill-equipped to tackle any such future disruptions. Therefore, strengthening resilience to such disruptions by deploying intelligent RPA is imperative for your business to sustain operations in the face of any adversity.

Digital workers take over your employees’ mundane and repetitive tasks, liberating them so they can focus on what humans do best – more analytical and strategy-driven tasks. This also encourages your employees to reskill or upskill themselves according to latest skill demands. This empowers your business with flexibility to swiftly adapt to changes in the market.

  • Enables Rapid Digitization

IPA with its AI component and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities will help your enterprise unlock early access to advanced digitization. This means gaining a first-mover advantage.

The flexibility and scalability provided by AI, ML and RPA enables agility for various use cases so you can scale your intelligent automation initiative. This gives your business a competitive edge and provides a foundation for long-term success. The ability to pivot quickly via swift digitization has helped many enterprises salvage their operations from the disruption of the pandemic. It is essential to be able to digitize processes and keep them running for the future success of any business.

  • Boosts Cybersecurity

Reports suggest that there has been a 300% increase in cybercrime during the pandemic. This is very alarming for businesses that store and manage majority of their business data on cloud. However, more than 77% of companies still don’t have a cybersecurity incident response plan in place.

Any organization that values their sensitive data must consider automating and upgrading their technology to monitor suspicious behavior over their system. IPA helps you meet security demands of today’s world. By analyzing your system operations in regular intervals and generating workforce reports, IPA helps pro-actively detect malicious activity and potential security breaches. Minimization of your company’s risk exposure to security threats via this technology helps your employees to focus on building your enterprise, rather than struggling with security risks management.

If you want to learn more about the power of this disruptive technology take a look at How Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) Accelerates Processes & Drives Business Value. Alternatively, you could also explore The Future of Intelligent Automation for Modern Enterprises.

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