CIOs and AI Automation
AI Automation AI-ENABLED AUTOMATION Automation Business Leaders

How CIOs Can Lead the Evolution from Operational Efficiency to Innovation with AI Automation  

Forward-thinking CIOs are championing AI to make their strategic influence more impactful like never before. Where once perceived as primarily focused on infrastructure needs, CIOs are taking central roles in catalyzing ...

AI-ENABLED AUTOMATION Automation Automation in Hospitality Hospitality hospitality industry

Cognitive Hospitality in Hospitality Management and AI-Automation 

The hospitality industry has always been a beacon of innovation, evolving steadfastly to surpass the dynamic expectations of its guests. This journey of transformation, from the opulent hotels of the early 20th century t...

AI Enabled Automation is reshaping Commercial Property Management
AI Automation in Commercial Real Estate AI-ENABLED AUTOMATION Automation Real Estate

How AI-Enabled Automation is Reshaping Commercial Property Management 

As a property manager, you know the daily grind all too well. Endless lease agreements to review. Maintenance records piled sky high. Financial documents demanding nonstop data entry. It often feels like you’re walking u...

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AI-ENABLED AUTOMATION Automation Document classification and extraction lease abstraction

Escaping the manual lease administration nightmare through hyperautomation 

For as long as commercial leases have existed, lease administration in real estate has been a manual, tedious process. Since the days of typewriters and carbon copies, administrators have been burdened with digging throu...

Finding the Right Balance Between Humans and Automation at Work
AI-ENABLED AUTOMATION Automation Intelligent Process Automation Technology

Finding the Right Balance Between Humans and Automation at Work

At the core of the Business landscape is the human touch – an element known for its unique personal and creative contributions. However, an intriguing challenge arises in many forward-thinking companies: despite advanced...

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Manual Accounting Tasks Draining Productivity: The Domino Effect 

For most professionals, accounting work evokes anything but enthusiasm. The tedious grind of manual data entry, the monotony of number crunching, the looming threat of errors – it’s often seen as necessary dr...

Understanding Intelligent Process Automation A Guide for Business Leaders (LinkedIn Single Image Ad) (1)
Accounting automation Accounting in kpo ACCOUNTING KPO AI-ENABLED AUTOMATION Automated workflows Automation Intelligent Process Automation Technology

AI first hyperautomation through 2023 and beyond 

The Early Beginnings: Task Automation and Rule-based Systems:  How many times do we find ourselves reminiscing about the time when process automation was all about keeping things simple. Remember the era when bus...

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AI-ENABLED AUTOMATION Automated workflows Automation Intelligent Process Automation Technology

Act now, Perfect Later 

British Cycling, for almost a century, epitomized mediocrity in professional cycling. Since 1908, British riders had won just a single gold medal at the Olympic Games. Their performance was so underwhelming that top bike...

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AI-ENABLED AUTOMATION Automated workflows Automation CHARGEBACKS Hospitality hospitality accounting HOSPITALITY CHARGEBACKS hospitality industry Intelligent Process Automation

Digital Footprints in Hospitality: A Dive into Tech and Automation Trends of 2023  

Introduction   As we navigate through 2023, a significant storyline unfolds within the hospitality industry—the widespread adoption of technology and Automation. This year marked a pivotal phase where digita...

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AI-ENABLED AUTOMATION Automated workflows Automation Intelligent Process Automation Manuacturing

Adopting AI-Enabled Automation in Parts Cross-Referencing: A Step-by-Step Implementation Guide for Manufacturers 

A year ago, Mark, the floor manager at a manufacturing company, would be up past midnight, buried in a sea of parts catalogs. He would be racing against time, trying to find the right parts for the assembly line that was...