The Emergence of Hyperautomation in the Hotel Industry

Intelligent automation and the digital transformation it enables has provided various industries with a foundation to gain a competitive edge in the market space. The pandemic, particularly, played a crucial role in facilitating its rapid adoption. With the efficiency, ease, scalability and ROI of automated services, business leaders are anticipating a spike in the rise of intelligent automation across various industries. The hospitality industry has been no exception.

With travel restrictions easing up in various countries and a steady rise in the popularity of staycations, people are ready to step out of their homes again. Hospitality businesses faced a substantial blow during the lockdown, resulting in laying off of employees and even having to shut down businesses altogether.

Hence, for a proper kick-start for their businesses it’s imperative for hotel owners to leverage Intelligent Automation (IA) for digital transformation. A recent study states that 49% of hoteliers are prioritizing upgrades to revenue-related software and another 19% are all set to leverage operations-enhancing software in 2021.

Advantages of Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

Despite IPA solutions’ growing popularity among myriad of industries, the hospitality market has been slow to embrace this disruptive technology. Business owners must understand that intelligent technology has become a key factor for enterprises to sustain operations in the face of any future uncertainty or adversity.

With IPA’s components, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can automate back-office repetitive tasks as well as expect human-like intelligence in managing and analyzing data, including unstructured content. This intelligent automation brings about a wide spectrum of benefits.

  • Streamline & Accelerate Operations

Hotels and stay-ins have disparate departments with various operational teams. This makes operations and communication among these departments fragmented and slow.

An IPA solutions helps seamlessly combine all areas of management and marketing in one system. This enables a centralized view of ongoing and upcoming tasks and provides accounts for finance; which the legacy hotel management systems are incapable of. Such solutions provide tremendous ROI, and also ensures efficient, accelerated and scalable workflows.

IPA makes available, for your employees, an intelligent digital platform that helps them stay connected and updated in real-time. Without real-time updates your customer requests can get dragged along to the point of neglect. An IPA solution for hotel task management systems, automates task creation which allows management and employees to notify the qualified staff to attend to a task.

A survey conducted among 200 hospitality providers found that 86% of them identified task automation as a top priority. Therefore, IPA is vital for running efficient, flexible, and seamless operational processes.

  • Enhance Customer Experience

Hospitality businesses are highly customer dependent. Hence, enhancing customer experience through automation is a no-brainer.

Streamlined operations will naturally result in smoother and faster customer service. But IPA can help upgrade customer experience even further. With contactless check-ins, room service, and instant query resolutions, your guests can have an enhanced experience.

Automation tools can notify your guest prior to their check-in, regarding their stay, and update them in case of any change in bookings or upgradations. This technology is also beneficial for enhancing business operations based on customer feedback.

Moreover, providing guests with devices powered by automated guest feedback management tool allows intelligent bots to resolve FAQs and instantly raise unique issues to the human taskforce. A study conducted for a chain of 30 hotels states that 63% of all communication revolves around the same 8 questions. Therefore, liberating your staff from these tedious queries allows them to refocus their attention to higher-value activities. Ultimately this leads to superior customer services.

Faster responses to issues can also save your company from receiving negative reviews, elevating its trust and reliability among prospective customers. Due to post-pandemic uncertainties, rebuilding your customers’ confidence and trust is essential in the present scenario.

  • Provide Insights to Finance Teams

IPA solutions provide your finance team with detailed analytics that help them to be more cost efficient. The pandemic has instigated an increased focus on revenue management and cost reduction in the hospitality industry. Providing online portals and deploying bots for bookings and registrations helps minimize documentation, storage, and labor costs.

Automated revenue management system with dynamic pricing, provides finance teams with necessary intel regarding budgets and labor costs. Furthermore, the advanced system issues data points regarding supply patterns, helping them keep track of the quantity of the supply influx.

  • Personalize Services

Intelligent Automation in hospitality will enhance the human touch with personalized services. With automation the demand for contactless service can be achieved effortlessly, allowing customers to enjoy their stay w3ithout any hassles. Delivering personalized services also creates a better impression. 83% of millennials revealed that they are happy to have travel brands track their digital patterns if it means a more personalized experience. Therefore, by leveraging IPA your business can build a strong customer base which is crucial for long-term success.

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