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Keep Calm and Automate

Don’t Let Automation Overwhelm You

Not too long ago, a few weeks back, the Sales team at RAP was thrilled beyond words. A team member had connected with a prospect who was eager and ready to implement our hyperautomation solutions across his company immediately. Sounds like celebratory news, doesn’t it?  But it was a recipe for automation disaster! We counselled the prospect that a hurried automation implementation had a very high chance of failure and that he would do well to sit down, discuss with his team and come up with what he expects form automation and a list of potential use cases.

 As this post is being written, he is listing down the ideal use cases for maximum ROI. After all, we wouldn’t want to risk ruining the reputation of automation as a technology enabler. As a business owner, if you are frustrated by the manual, repetitive and error prone task, then it is but natural to get excited when you discover the unlimited potential automation offers. Its akin to having access to the all the best OTT channels forever- but you can only view one channel at a time, while the others are sitting idle.

One Step At A Time

The ideal approach towards trying out automation is to execute it one step at a time once a suitable automation partner has been identified.

  1. Establishing clear automation goals
  2. Acquire buy in of all the stake holders
  3. Eliminate all processes which are bad candidates for automation
  4. Identify the use cases which will yield maximum ROI in minimum time
  5. Integration with other technologies for optimum benefit
  6. Be flexible to adapt and change your approach if something doesn’t work

5 Most Common Mistakes In Any Technological Transformation

  1. Lack of planning
  2. No clarity on position in automation journey
  3. Selecting a vendor not suited to the maturity of organization
  4. Communication gaps in knowledge transfer between vendor and business users
  5. Lack of support and maintenance services

For businesses embarking on the journey of intelligent automation, an early business and IT alignment is advisable. It often proves difficult trying to align the two down the road. This alignment typically involves establishment of cross-functional teams. Fluid communication and exchange of ideas amongst the teams would help trash out any future roadblocks and establish a clear workflow. This cross-functional team can approach suitable potential IPA vendors and solutions and ascertain the use cases and scope of IPA in the organization.

Automation services


Apart from the obvious benefits of cost and time saved, automation solutions can also aid with operational efficiency, employee productivity, resiliency, customer satisfaction, nonlinear revenue growth, and business model innovation. If one solution allows you to reap multiple lucrative benefits, it deserves the time and resources on gain a clear understanding of the nitty gritty of the solutions.

While most of the points listed above may seem obvious, it is easy to miss them when excitement clouds your judgement. It is essential to have a technologically sound automation partner who can empathize with you on your automation journey and give you sound unbiased advice.

P.S. We will keep you posted on the potential lead and his automation journey with RAP.

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