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Summer and winter vacations are a huge part of one’s childhood. That wonderful ripple that separates the perpetual cycle of school, homework and exams. However, growing up results in that ripple being snuffed out by the responsibility that comes with a career. Suddenly, the weekdays seem to expand while the weekends seem to dwindle.

It is in this exhausting ecosystem of adult life that the UAE announced the plan to implement a 4.5 working week, breaking open the once rigidly and religiously followed work schedule. With this the country became the first in the world to step into an employee-friendly transition, as part of its efforts to improve productivity and work-life balance. It won’t be surprising if other countries follow suit, in fact it is a viable prediction. Work-life balance advocates must be cheering this move and rightly so. If work-life balance has been skewed in the last couple of decades, the pandemic added its own woes. Work-from-home has managed to almost, if not completely, blurred the already delicate work life demarcation, and made it even more difficult to preserve the sanity of the working community.

Hyperautomation for the Win

However, the transitioning to a 4.5 work week should not come at the cost of business continuity and employee satisfaction. Shorter work weeks would either result in added stress and discomfort to your employees, or inefficient business output. But what if we told you that you can have all the above; a 4.5 work week, stress-free and satisfied employees, and an efficient business output; with the help of one single solution?


Hyperautomation, aka Intelligent Automation (IA), is the amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The advent of IA solutions with AI and RPA capabilities, makes it possible for businesses to automate data-intensive tasks with unstructured content, sans human intervention.

Let us help you discover ways in which hyperautomation can increase your employee’s productivity and help you achieve robust business workflow.

  • Automate Data Processing

While structured data can easily be handled by any out-of-the-box RPA bot, it’s the unstructured data that stands like a colossal titan, disrupting your business workflow. Unstructured content is a ubiquitous challenge across industries with over 90% of businesses finding it difficult to process unstructured content. According to recent research, the volume of unstructured data is set to grow from 33 zettabytes in 2018 to 175 zettabytes, or 175 billion terabytes, by 2025.

The nature of unstructured content makes it challenging for your human workforce to extract relevant data manually, sans errors. However, Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) with its AI capabilities like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), etc., makes automating unstructured content a piece of cake for your employees.

AI capabilities like NLP and OCR can ‘read’ and extract relevant data from any format like PDFs, photographs, paperwork, etc. ML on the other hand can ‘learn’ and ‘recall’ steps for processing unstructured data.

  • Undisrupted Workflow

Thanks to hyperautomation you can now automate all your back-end processes and repetitive tasks with intelligent RPA. Bots with human-like intelligence can now take over the tedious and data-intensive processes, freeing your employees from such robotic tasks.

Moreover, bots, unlike your human workforce, never get tired and never take a day off! Which means, uninterrupted data processing, resulting in uninterrupted business output. Also, you no more have to deal with another cranky employee at your workplace. (*wink* *wink*)

  • Error Free Documentation

When overworked, humans are bound to get tired and frustrated, which undoubtedly leads to human errors. And one single error in a report can cost your business money and reputation. But you don’t want that.

IPA, unlike humans, can extract and consolidate data from various sources without any error. Now you would have to be a fool to pass on a 100% error-free data processing solution.

  • Save-Up on Work Time

IPA enables your business to accelerate its turnaround time and increase its efficiency. Manual tasks that take up weeks to complete can be wrapped up in minutes. This enables maximizing value of your human workers along with faster turnaround time.

An insurance firm estimated that they save 20-40 hours a day thanks to Intelligent Automation. Substituting a digital workforce for such mundane and data-intensive tasks allows your human workforce to be re-assigned to value-adding and strategic engagements.

A survey states that, 69% of workers said their productivity increased substantially by using Intelligent Automation technologies. Another 40% reported saving at least 6 hours per week. Leveraging IPA will not only help you easily transition to a future of shorter work weeks, but also help you maintain a satisfied and stimulated workforce. Satisfied- by not over-working them, and stimulated- by not turning them into robots performing repetitive tasks and involving them in more strategic jobs.

Leveraging this disruptive technology will allow your employees to maintain a proper work-life balance, while enabling your business to gain a competitive edge. Satisfaction of your employees should be your utmost priority, cause it’s the employees that are the foundation of any sustainable business.

If you want to learn more about the power of this disruptive technology, take a look at Tackle the Post-Pandemic Business ‘New Normal’ with the Power of Intelligent Automation. Alternatively, you could also explore How Intelligent Automation Enables Humans to Focus on Higher Value Tasks.

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