Automated Automobile Sales: The Future of Buying a Car

Traditional car sales are far from being obsolete, because of course, nothing can ever replace the experience of test driving your potential new car, in-person. However, it wouldn’t hurt dealers to adapt to digital transformation, that will only aid in elevating the customer’s as well as the salesperson’s experience, from research to delivery of the car.

In fact, recent research indicates that 70% of businesses are likely to implement at least one type of AI-driven technology in the coming years. Thus, in this fast-moving digital market, stalling your digital transformation is not a viable option anymore. Customers are shifting from car retail stores to purchasing cars online. With the multitude of online platforms available, and a wide array of car models to choose from, customers are being spoiled with choices. Therefore, to retain a potential prospect for your business it’s necessary to grasp the buyer’s attention and pamper them. But how? When all your salespersons are busy rummaging through paperwork and consolidating leads and data. Keep reading to find an efficient solution to all your automobile sales related concerns.

How Hyperautomation Impacts Auto Sales

If we are to go by statistics customer-centric businesses reap 60% more profit than those who don’t focus on delivering better customer experience.

Hyperautomation, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), can help automate all the mundane and repetitive tasks, allowing your dealers to focus on implementing enhanced customer service.

  • Online Dealership Portals

The digital age customer expects a big chunk of any purchase decision to be done online. From searching for options to uploading KYC documents, most processes are done online in a paperless mode. This means consolidating all your paperwork and physical documents and feeding them into a CRM or an ERP solution. Hyperautomation or Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), can easily integrate with such dedicated solutions to provide an efficient workflow for your business.

Enabling end-to-end automobile sales experience online will make purchasing more accessible and convenient for your customers and will streamline the downstream data for your dealers.

  • Intelligent Chatbots

Did you know that “Where is my order?” is the simplest yet the most widely asked query among customers? Apparently, that simple query makes up to 40% of all customer support queries. If a dealer spends a bare minimum of 5 minutes on each simple query, up to 1000 such queries can take up 80 hours of your dealer’s time!

In the era of 5G, time is essential to making or breaking a deal, therefore you cannot afford to waste your precious time on afore mentioned trivial yet crucial customer queries. AI chatbots, equipped with human-like intelligence, interact with your customers, and provide them assistance with a personalized touch. The chat bot keeps track of all the available data required for any specific customer in question, enabling it to deliver the most appropriate responses to enhance the customer service.

  • Centralized Data

Automobile dealers have a complex process for approving deals and delivering purchases. On top of that, on an average a buyer spends up to 6 months shopping for their new vehicle, and even if they complete the entire sales cycle, only 3% of the buyers through with their purchase. Moreover, doing all these complex processes manually can be error-prone, time consuming and hectic.

IPA, with its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) ability, enables you to scan paperwork and read emails, chats, PDFs and photographs, to extract relevant data without any errors. All this extracted data can then be available on a centralized window, making it easier for your dealers to track information. This speeds up the sales cycle, allowing a robust and accurate workflow, better customer experience, and relieving your employees from robotic tasks, while keeping them in the loop. Your dealers can now re-focus their attention on generating leads and strategic tasks, helping you strengthen your business.

IPA makes it possible to provide quotes based on the availability of the model, requirements of customer, and the minimum time in which the car can be made available, i.e. reduce to the average quote response time to 30 minutes. This ensures there is very little scope that the demands of the customer are not met. When the dealers ensure that the customer can tick off most parameters on their checklist of feel-good factors, they can be sure of sealing the deal.

Hyperautomation of your auto sales will allow you to ‘accelerate’ (pun intended) your automobile business to newer heights. Also, who doesn’t want to close deals faster!?

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