6 Key AI Trends in Hospitality – Where the bots are winning

As with other industries, AI has given a fillip to the hospitality industry in the post pandemic era.  AI has been operative in rescuing the hospitality industry from doom in the post COVID era. The pandemic has made it essential to reduce human contact and pushed the industry to look to digital advancements for smarter substitutes. According to research, over 55% of hospitality leaders have invested in Artificial Intelligence (AI), 70% in Internet of Things (IoT) and another 57% in Machine Learning (ML). This rise in adoption of technology is owning to the fact that technology like AI is delivering everything from robotic servers to automated, intelligent business processing. 

However, digital transformation in the hospitality front has been comparatively lower than other industries like finance and e-commerce. In a survey 49% respondents say that the hospitality industry ranks at a grade of “C” for Artificial Intelligence implementation

As travel restrictions ease down and customers become more travel confident, implementation of AI will aid hotels in delivering top notch customer service and enable streamlined, frictionless business operations. 

While there is no dearth of AI innovations in the hospitality industry, gaining an insight into which tools can deliver for your business is essential to surge ahead of your competition. 

  1. Establish AI-Powered Websites 

AI-powered websites and apps eliminate the need for employing third-party sites, allowing your hotel to take commission-free reservations. This enhances booking experience for guest, enables to establish the initial rapport and build a loyal customer base. 

  1. Automate Guest Check-Ins 

Deploying AI-powered bots or AI concierges to automate guest check-ins makes way for quick and hassle-free services. Minimizing front-desk wait time and subsequently resulting in elevated guest experience.  

Additionally, AI tools can also adapt over time w.r.t guest FAQs and requests. AI bots also have the ability to extract and recollect relevant customer data, allowing you to provide a more personalized stay to your guest, every single time. 

  1. Gain Access to Smart-bots 

Take personalized guest experience to the next level by enabling translation via AI-bots. By identifying the customers’ location these smart-bots can translate your hotel website. This allows for a smoother browsing and booking experience for your customers. 

Apart from translation, chatbots also come in handy when sending automated updates and service messages to your guests. Especially with the uneasiness of human proximity, brought about by COVID-19, contactless experience has been more favorable among customers. In a survey, 61% of travelers admitted that they’d prefer service provided via technology like chatbots and voice assistants over in-person concierges.  

  1. Gain Actionable Insights from Customer Reviews 

Your digital assistant/ AI Bot can obtain relevant data from feedback forms and customer reviews from your own website or a third-party website, doesn’t matter. 

Having access to these reviews can help you gain actionable insights, making your business more customer driven. It will also play a pivotal role in establishing a competitive advantage over other hotels. 

  1. Effective Utility Management 

Transform your hotel into a sustainable business by having regular checks over your utility usage. By using AI tools, you can effectively monitor usage of your water, energy and other utilities. 

This not only makes your business environmental-friendly but also improves your revenue management. Additionally, a report claims that 70% of global travelers are more likely to book an eco-friendly accommodation, whether they are looking for a sustainable stay or not. 

A sustainable business reaps long-term revenue benefits and also attracts more customers, based on shared values. 

  1. Unlock Hyperdynamic Pricing 

Your digital workers can automatically update booking rates depending on the changes in the dynamic hospitality markets. It can scan through the internet and look up other hotels’ prices, and nearby events to instantly adjust rates according to the fluctuating demand. 

This will allow your business to eliminate the hassle of manually checking for the same and enables you to stay up-to-date with the current price trends, with ease. 

A 2019 survey states that 25% of hospitality and leisure CEOs think AI will significantly impact the way they operate in the next five years. Keeping an eye for latest AI trends and leveraging them can aid in creating an efficient and sustainable business system. 

If you are interested to learn more about this disruptive technology, take a look at Tackle the Post-Pandemic Business ‘New Normal’ with the Power of Intelligent Automation. Alternatively, you could also explore How Intelligent Automation Enables Humans to Focus on Higher Value Tasks. 

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