Superior Customer Experience through Next-Generation AI & Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

The advent of mobile and cloud technologies have elevated customer experience (CX) to new heights. Today’s organizations are interacting with consumers across omnichannel options propelling customer experience to the next level. This improved customer experience pertains to external customers who have bought services or products, as well as an organization’s internal customers, such as someone raising and issue with their internal support system. It is imperative to leverage the latest technology to deliver a superior customer experience for both types of customers, across multiple channels.

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), encompassing AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), is software with human-like behavior, capable of performing repetitive multi-step workflows. It also has learning capabilities and can continuously improve its automated responses through intent recognition. IPA automates processes aiding in quick and accurate analysis of consumers’ issues to provide them with pertinent solutions, which results in customer experience par excellence. With IPA playing a role in remolding customer experience for satisfied and happy customers, the organization can win the trust and loyalty of their valued customers who eventually turn into advocates.

Outlined below are three areas where AI and IPA will shape customers’ experience with brands and systems they use.

Adaptable IPA and Personalization

Based on customers’ buying history, AI and IPA technology has the capability to analyze content and understand the context to provide appropriate responses and recommendations. These are based on several data points and patterns of human buying behaviors, which the synchronized systems can gauge accurately. Customers get relevant and useful content related to their queries at the right time and space, thus, enriching their overall experience, eventually turning them into brand evangelists.

Improved Self-Service Options

Customer service, a cost-intensive business function should evolve with AI-based automated systems to become more efficient with regards to cost and faster resolution of queries. Introducing AI-based self-serving technologies can tone down case volume by approx. 30%, thus, reducing the time to solve the queries and simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction score and ROI. AI-powered self-service via chatbots or submission forms has the capability to understand customer’s intent and recommend relevant content related to the customer’s problem. This way the query is solved instantaneously, thus ensuring positive customer experience due to high customer satisfaction level.

Refine Existing Automation

Apart from developing new automations, it can improve current automation through data analysis. For e.g. based on past buying history, an AI-based automated system can provide tailor-made suggestions on deals via automated emailing to customers. The system can ingeminate the deal appropriately after thorough inspection of conversion rates from a specific marketing campaign. On discovering a spike in conversions with regards to email marketing campaigns conducted on Monday morning around 10 A.M. with a subject line consisting of a long-tail keyword, the system can learn and employ this information to similar environmental setup in the future.


With record-breaking possibilities of IPA, the future looks promising. The launch of such advanced technologies is going to elevate speed, efficiency and better understand customers’ needs and provide them with relevant, immediate and useful solutions to their problems. When problems are solved with great accuracy and pace, customers are delighted and their satisfaction level raises leading to outstanding customer experience.

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