Revolutionizing Case Deflection with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Greater Customer Satisfaction

In today’s customer-centric organizations case deflection or self-service is an essential component of achieving greater customer satisfaction.  Case deflection can be used for customer support and also to serve internal customers, whether they are developers, members of a sales team, or anyone else in your organization that raises queries to some form of support team. Empowering customers to solve their issues or answer questions with self-service options raises customer satisfaction. Studies show that the majority of customers want the power to resolve issues on their own and self-service options are the answer.

What is Case Deflection?

Case deflection or self-service is when customers can solve their own problems without seeking help from support agents. Any case would be deflected if there are relevant themselves-service options provided to the customers. When this process is automated, it eliminates the need for live support agents.

Case deflection is inversely proportional to the number of incidents, cost, time and effort of resolving incidents. With the eradication of wait time for resolution and incidence, it has been observed that there is a significant rise in the CSAT scores.

Offering case deflection is a smart strategy that every company should prioritize. The required aid at the right moment leads to satisfied customers resulting in effective case deflection.

Better Case Deflection with AI

  • Implement AI to automate the task of serving up relevant content to your customers from all the touch-points to open a case.
  • Unify all the self-service content from all sources to efficiently resolve customer queries and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Machine learning capabilities to increase familiarity with customers’ queries and make improvements to the existing content quality.

The AI-powered case deflection application continues to learn and consequently draws on historical learning to make better suggestions and self-service options.  This increases customers’ satisfaction which in turn positively impacts CSAT scores.

Omni-Channel Case Deflection

AI-powered case deflection can serve customers across different channels such as chat and email.


Chatbots utilize AI and natural language processing (NLP) technologies to gauge customers’ query intent and come up with relevant content from the knowledge base repositories. If the bot is able to solve the issue, the case will be closed accordingly or else,  it requires intervention from a support agent.


Achieve zero manual efforts with automated email responses to customers’ queries using the power of AI eliminate manual efforts. The automated application utilizes machine learning to learns and adapts based on cases it addresses, raising the accuracy of response rates over time.


Customers’ satisfaction is a function of organization’s capability to provide them with relevant answers to their questions swiftly. Efficient case deflection results in the upsurge of CSAT score. This can only happen if the company’s case deflection facility is capable enough to solve problems by giving instant answers to the queries independently. Happy customers result in positive word of mouth about your brand.

Case-deflection has several benefits and lowers the cost of serving customers. It leads to reduction in the volumes of cases, thus saving time and cost. With automated, AI-powered case deflection, the average cost per ticket is truncated to cents from $8-$12 dollars, thus reducing incoming ticket volume by 20% and saving millions of dollars a year.

With case deflection support stuff can focus on more pressing issues, thus improving productivity of the support agents. With no manual intervention and process acceleration, errors are minimized. In addition to such an application has the advantage of scalability and can function 24/7.

Automated case deflection system can empower support agents, lower customer effort, and improve ticket deflection. You can also avoid the typical downsides of inefficient customer service – support ticket backlogs, overtaxed support teams, and frustrated customers.

With an AI-driven application, case deflection will increase leading to lower numbers of incidents and tickets raised, faster resolution times, and lower costs. With continual learning, the AI-powered application continues to learn and improve honing its automatic response capabilities. This superior service impacts CSAT scores as customers are more satisfied with swift self-service resolution options.

If you are interested in a solution which is capable of providing AI-powered automation of case deflection, Rapid Acceleration Partners AI can help you. Our next-gen, AI-powered content intelligence platform has an application tailored for case deflection that is easy to integrate with your existing systems. Please book a demo to explore how RAPFlow and RAPBot can transform your business.

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