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Automation Integration is Easier Than You Think

No business is an island. Even the most successful companies rely on other businesses to provide them with essential goods and services. The same is true for automation software – it’s not a one-size-fits-all...

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7 Steps To Avoid Failing At Automation.

While you might be tempted to leverage automation tempted by the hype surrounding it., remember to not act on it impulsively. According to research, nearly 30%-50% of automation endeavors fail due to failure in recognizi...

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Forge Yourself a Better Work-life Balance

Summer and winter vacations are a huge part of one’s childhood. That wonderful ripple that separates the perpetual cycle of school, homework and exams. However, growing up results in that ripple being snuffed out by the ...

Automated Automobile Sales The Future of Buying a Car

Automated Automobile Sales: The Future of Buying a Car

Traditional car sales are far from being obsolete, because of course, nothing can ever replace the experience of test driving your potential new car, in-person. However, it wouldn’t hurt dealers to adapt to digital trans...

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Modernizing Bank Recon with Hyperautomation

If you are a mid to large sized organization you are aware of the time spent on manually checking and matching transactions, preparing, and posting journals to complete bank reconciliations.  And these tedious tasks...

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Into A Bot’s Mind: How RPA’s Thought Process Works

Despite automation’s rapid growth in various industries, and its widespread adoption to drive office administration, some common misconceptions still attach to it. According to a recent study, about 55% of respondents fa...

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Intelligent Automation, The Light Sabre To Combat Mortgage Processing Challenges

Intelligent Automation solutions are being structured at the core of business strategy across verticals. But the potential of IPA can be maximized only when the application is right. Apart from the direct and more tangib...

The Future of Underwriting with Intelligent Automation

The Future of Underwriting with Intelligent Automation

Be it mortgage, healthcare insurance, commercial loans, anything, the underwriter is expected to accurately access all the risks involved. An inaccurate risk management can lead to massive losses for enterprises, and no ...

Transform Healthcare Reception with Hyper-Automation

Transform Healthcare Reception with Hyperautomation

Are you frustrated when you wait in hospital lobbies? Amidst the cacophony of constantly clicking keyboards? You’re probably already having a bad day due to your health or are in an urgency to grab some documents. But, t...

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How Hyper automation is Reviving Travel & Hospitality?

The pandemic caused the travel and hospitality industry to take a backseat for a rather long period of time. This inevitably resulted in massive losses for business owners, making them apprehensive of their post-pandemic...