Hyperautomation Supports Streamlined, Secure Operations for Teams Working Remotely

One of the biggest and unprecedented complications to arise out of remote working was security issues. An increase in the number of devices being used off-premises meant an increased need for security protocol monitoring. Research amongst various IT professionals revealed that more than 65% of them have experienced security-related risks from working at home. Some of these risks involve malicious emails, non-compliant employee performance, and damaging software vulnerabilities.

Systems that typically functioned smoothly due to routine checks, updates, and software patching now find themselves open to exposure and threat. The flip side of this situation is that IT employees tackling an increase in workloads almost up to 65%. IT teams with limited staff members in a situation where they could not hire more had to think fast for ways in which they could exercise better control over devices being remotely used.

Hyperautomation thanks to Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) solutions is the answer to this challenge. It enables those in the IT department to automate responses to help desk tickets with human intervention for the more complex cases. In addition to this, hyperautomation can also assist in expanding the security net to encompass large numbers of work from home devices. Hyperautomation accelerates the resolution of issues before they could inflict any undesired impact on the network. This is a crucial advantage. Moreover, with hyperautomation’s Machine Learning (ML) proficiencies employee device activity could be monitored in order to predict in advance any potential security threats that may arise.

Making the Most of Hyperautomation

The resolution of issues does not always have to follow a problem presenting itself. With hyperautomation abilities such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), ML, and predictive analysis issues can be resolved even before they are flagged. 80% of problems can be solved pre-emptively by hyperautomation prior to users even reporting them. When hyperautomation takes on added responsibilities the burden on IT professionals will be significantly reduced.

The ease that hyperautomation will bring to working, in general, will also be felt by your employees who are functioning remotely. Here are a few more uses for intelligent automation that can assist IT staff in creating a safer and more secure work from home experience.

1. Instant Resolution

The best part about intelligent automation is its ability to constantly monitor user activity and premediate any potentially hazardous activities. It can identify vulnerabilities while assessing their level of threat so as to resolve those issues first. This shifts the response to issues from reactive to proactive dealing with threats before they can cause permanent damage. When it comes to remediation an ideal standard would be a 14-day Service Level Agreement (SLA).

2. Rapid Patching

How fast your IT team can patch is really important when it comes to safeguarding devices from security threats. Intelligent automation can help accelerate these turnaround times by making information about patch reliability available sooner. Delays in patching are a huge gateway for harmful actors so IT professionals understand the value of fast patching. Staying one step ahead of that development cycle can make all the difference when it comes to avoiding threats.

3. Threat Level Based Resolution

Patching updates are extremely important so using supplementary technologies like Machine Learning (ML) to help identify areas that are being exploited can be a great way to approach security concerns. Targeting the risks based on how big of a threat they are, can remediate problems much more efficiently.

4. Enhanced Edge Visibility

The IT department can use Natural Language Processing (NLP) if required, to query all edge devices. This way you can have access to real-time data from the enterprise as a whole instantly. By implementing sensor-based architecture you can work with operational awareness, real-time inventory, and security configurations across the edge.

5. Optimized Threat Understanding

The key to mitigating any security threats is to also have heightened visibility into device activity alongside routine patching. Hyperautomation can see and sense any malicious actors in the environment and monitor changes in device behavior. With sustained monitoring, the chances of detecting threats are heightened meaning that hyperautomation can prioritize which issues it chooses to resolve first depending on how harmful they may seem.

Studies indicate that close to 30% of all workforce opting to work from home in 2021 and many organizations are opting for a hybrid model of some team members working remotely. This remote working trend is likely to continue with employees choosing to work from the safety of their own homes. In this sense, hyperautomation offers itself as an appropriate solution with automated remediation that can rank threats and intervene accordingly.

A number of organizations are now looking to hyperautomation adoption with remote working becoming a new area of operational oversight. Cybersecurity threats are making businesses seriously consider hyperautomation based on technology like IPA with ML, predictive analytics, and NLP to create a more seamless remote working experience.

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