Blogs to Bots

The Chatbot Change

Google is the go-to guy when you need an answer. Have a question, search for it, right? From the mundane to the obscure, just type in your keywords, hit enter and bingo. Google will find something for you. Problem solved, case closed. Or is it?

Actually, it’s not always that simple. Sometimes search is not quite enough. The blogs and search results pulled up by Google are inadequate in certain situations. When the information required is time-sensitive, personalized and variable, search falls short. In such cases, you need someone to actually answer your questions. You need to go to a professional to get the right answers.

In addition, search takes time, especially if you are searching for something a bit complex. It takes a fair bit of effort and time to comb through search results and find what you need. This is hardly speedy or efficient.

What if you could turn to a handy bot to do all the searching for you? With Google’s help, bots will search for the right information for you. We’ll see a shift from blogs to bots. How will bots be able to do this?


With Natural Language Processing (NLP) bots will have a better understanding of what you’re looking for. This understanding of meaning and context will help bots retrieve better matches for you.

Conversational Abilities

Search is fairly one-sided. However, with bots search shifts to more of a conversation. Bots will ask you questions to provide better answers for what it is you’re looking for. For instance, a bot could help you with a medical question, with a complicated tax return or even fashion choices.  For a medical question, a bot can ask you questions similar to a doctor, collect personal information and help provide a diagnosis. Their ability to remember your personal preferences and medical history will improve their speed and accuracy the next time you use them. For a legal or tax matter, a bot can collect all information about your case, compare it to relevant precedents and suggest what you should do for a certain outcome.

In addition to asking questions, bots will communicate with us through stories. Humans have an innate tendency to think in stories and tell stories.  Unlike blogs, bots will be able to personalize these stories based on individual patterns of a person’s syntax, tone and voice. By talking to us the same way we speak to ourselves, bots will be able to provide a more engaging conversation or narrative.


Prediction is the name of the game when it comes to search. Google already tracks and predicts your behavior. Bots will take this to the next level by tracking your moods, performance and more. This will allow them to extrapolate and predict better, providing you with the right information before you need it.

The shift from blogs to bots for search will be an interesting one. Aside from search, Artificial Intelligence solutions will drive changes and improvements in a number of industries. However, search is something universal; almost anyone with a computer or mobile device performs multiple searches every day. We will all experience this change soon.

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